Ashfur is the final boss of the Power of Three game.

The fight splits into four parts.

In the first part, Ashfur builds up his rage, which causes him to deal more damage and take less.

In the second, his rage is at its maximum (He can kill most of your cats with a basic attack, dealing 5000+ damage).

In the third, he is close to dying but his rage allows him to endure. The background turns red and he will use his most dangerous move very often (Death Blow).

In the fourth, he cannot longer endure and you can kill him.

Advance in a part by dealing damage to him.

Moves: Basic Attack, Ash Vengeance, Death Blow, Lightning Purge (some more)

Ashfur can be silenced but not poisoned or paralyzed.

Recommended party: Cats lvl 55+

Recommended items: Catnip, Honeycomb piece, Stardust, Starlight, Toxic Brew

Note: though this is a recommended strategy it is not the only strategy that will work, nor necessarily the best