Dark Forest

The Dark Forest's Forest Portion

The Dark Forest is a safe place in the New Prophecy game. It is the opposite of StarClan, as it is where all the cats who have commited atrocities against the warrior code go to after death.


During the part of the game that follows the book storyline, the Dark Forest can only be reached by sleeping at certain points in the game, and so has no real location.

During other parts of the game that do not follow the book storyline however, the Dark Forest can be reached by using the Tablet of Darkness and selecting, "Dark Forest". The Tablet of Darkness is acquired after the player beats the subquest To Be a Legend. If you use a Tablet of Darkness to get to the Dark Forest, you can save as you are able to leave using it. All exits here lead back to this map.

Also, after retrieving the Blood of Rage in Plot Against StarClan, after talking to Tar, you will be transported to the most deep part of the Dark Forest, a fiery area of the Dark Forest with lava.


The Dark Forest is a seemingly endless forest of dark-coloured trees and grass, with few to none of any recognisable landmark.

New ProphecyEdit

Book StorylineEdit

When you dream in certain parts of the game you are transported to the Dark Forest. You meet with Hawkfrost and Tigerstar, and when you train with Tigerstar you will get 1,000 exp.

Post-Book StorylineEdit

After you beat the subquest To Be a Legend, you can use the Tablet of Darkness to go here. If you do, you can talk to and battle Hawkfrost and Darkstripe (glitched in v1.07) to recruit them.

At the deep area of the Dark Forest, you fight multiple hard bosses:

  • Death Warrior Leader (Lv.96) and 2 Death Warriors (Lv.85)
  • 2 Deadly Brown Rogue (Lv.100)
  • Tar (Lv. 130)
  • Wrath Scourge (Lv.899)

You cannot save here.