Silver tabby


RiverClan Warrior


Graystripe's Offspring




Minimal Heal, Medium Heal, Maximal Heal, Remedy, Greater Remedy, Revival, Claw Slash, Claw Shred, Claws of Destruction, Wave Strike, Flowing River, River of Rage, Poison Chomp, Stunning Bite, Paw Swipe, Gray Blast, Mega Revival

Feathertail is a character in the Original Game, and an ally in the New Prophecy Game. She is the daughter of Graystripe and Silverstream. Her brother is Stormfur.

Original GameEdit

Feathertail is born to Graystripe and Silverstream on Sunningrocks. However, Silverstream dies while giving birth to her and her brother. They are taken to be raised in ThunderClan, but Leopardstar intervenes. She demands that they are given to RiverClan, but ThunderClan disagrees. However, before the two Clans start fighting over them, Graystripe agrees to have the kits sent to RiverClan, and goes to live with them there, saying that he doesn't want them to grow up without knowing who their father is.

In The Darkest Hour, Feathertail and her brother are persecuted by TigerClan because of their impure blood.

New Prophecy GameEdit

In the New Prophecy Game, Feathertail and her brother play a larger role. They are recruited at the start of the journey, and can be put on your party.

However, Feathertail dies later, causing her to be removed from your party. But, after completing Cats in Need, you can recruit her again if you have Crowfeather in your party by talking to Talon near the tribe cave.


  • Lv 3 - Minimal Heal
  • Lv 13 - Medium Heal
  • Lv 36 - Maximal Heal
  • Lv 18 - Remedy
  • Lv 39 - Greater Remedy
  • Lv 44 - Revival
  • Lv 8 - Claw Slash
  • Lv 21 - Claw Shred
  • Lv 47 - Claws of Destruction
  • Lv 15 - Wave Strike
  • Lv 26 - Flowing River
  • Lv 41 - River of Rage
  • Lv 23 - Poison Chomp
  • Lv 28 - Stunning Bite
  • Lv 1 - Paw Swipe
  • Lv 61 - Gray Blast
  • Lv 55 - Mega Revival

Stats at Level 99Edit

HP: 5718

SP: 8791

STR: 729

DEX: 575

AGI: 533

INT: 366


  • Feathertail is based off of the character of the same name from the ‘Warriors’ book series.