Six w's at once

Okay, to admit, this is a pretty lame page. But, to those who don't know Claws of Destruction, it's kinda hard. (kinda. KINDA!)

You could always use Warrior Destruction, but it would probably miss some. If you know Warrior Strike, it's best to use that, and Claw Shred from dustpelt is a good idea too. But the both ShadowClan & RiverClan can give you trouble. The ShadowClan cats can poison you, while RiverClan paralyzes you. So I recommend having to defeat RiverClan first, either way - both clans are dumb. They use Remedy or Greater Remedy most of the time, even if they aren't dazzled, paralyzed or poisoned.

They are found up the Northwest of the Ravine. They give you the mother load of Exp, so training on them to fight in a boss battle would be good. Plus, you get around 3 fish and an Antivenom.
Six w's at once2