ShadowClan Territory

ShadowClan Territory (Old Forest)

ShadowClan Territory is the territory in which the Clan of warriors knows as ShadowClan lives.



ShadowClan Territory is reached by heading through the northeast tunnel in the Ravine and continuing east until you are asked if you would like to cross into ShadowClan Territory.

A tunnel in ShadowClan Territory allows the player to take a shortcut to the other side of the Thunderpath.


ShadowClan Territory is reached by heading through ThunderClan Territory to a pair of logs near the northwest corner of the territory. It is also reached by heading through the northwest corner of RiverClan Territory. There is a maze at the top of it that leads to two evil kittypets. The maze can be skipped by talking to one of the cats right outside the edge of the maze after all the lake territory camps have been found.

The ShadowClan Camp is found, from ThunderClan Territory, by heading south along the river and turning left at the first dead tree. The camp will eventually be seen if the player continues to head left, and it is guarded by two ShadowClan warriors that will battle you.



ShadowClan territory is shrouded in mist. It has a few trees.


Original GameEdit

You meet with Yellowfang here to discuss throwing :)r out of ShadowClan. A patrol consisting of Whitestorm, Runningwind, Mousefur and Darkstripe arrive to help overthrow Brokenstar. Nightpelt leads some other elders to help with the attack as well.

You enter ShadowClan Camp and first fight some of Brokenstar's warriors, then Clawface (the cat who killed Spotteleaf), and finally Brokenstar, who runs off with some of his warriors after he loses the battle.

New Prophecy GameEdit


You meet Tawnyp what to do about them.

You help to rescue ShadowClan from its camp which is being destroyed by Twolegs, in the process of which Firestar loses a life.


In A Visit From StarClan, once h again.