Sharpclaw, Scratch




Ginger tabby


Deputy, Rogue


SkyClan Deputy


Minimal Heal, Medium Heal, Maximal Heal, Revival, Claw Shred, Claws of Destruction, Warrior Strike, Warrior Destruction, Poison Chomp, Hyper Poison, Stunning Bite, Stunning Crush, Paw Swipe, Status Blast, Basic Clouds, Cloud Swirl, Sky Blast

Sharpclaw is the deputy of modern SkyClan after Firestar's Quest.

Original GameEdit

In the Original Game, Sharpclaw is a rogue named Scratch. He is asked to join SkyClan by Firestar, and later becomes the deputy of SkyClan. He is not recruitable in this game.

New Prophecy GameEdit

Sharpclaw refuses to let the player into the SkyClan Camp in The Fifth Clan, so the player must head to the top of the gorge and watch the scene that occurs in camp. He is recruitable, like the other SkyClan cats, by talking to the flowers in the SkyClan camp after completing The Fifth Clan.

As a Party MemberEdit


  • Lv 4 - Minimal Heal
  • Lv 9 - Medium Heal
  • Lv 32 - Maximal Heal
  • Lv 49 - Revival
  • Lv 21 - Claw Shred
  • Lv 45 - Claws of Destruction
  • Lv 35 - Warrior Strike
  • Lv 45 - Warrior Destruction
  • Lv 24 - Poison Chomp
  • Lv 39 - Hyper Poison
  • Lv 29 - Stunning Bite
  • Lv 42 - Stunning Crush
  • Lv 1 - Paw Swipe
  • Lv 52 - Status Blast
  • Lv 16 - Basic Clouds
  • Lv 36 - Cloud Swirl
  • Lv 49 - Sky Blast


  • Sharpclaw is based off of the character of the same name from the ‘Warriors’ book series.