Snakerocks is a hunting location in the forest territories.

Hunting at Snakerocks

Available Prey Edit

The prey that is available to be caught at Snakerocks are mainly mice, squirrels, sometimes rabbits, and more rarely adders.


While hunting here, there is a possibility that you may be bitten (and consequently, poisoned) by an adder.


It is best to first heal yourself with whatever prey you have at hand if you are hurt, and then to heal yourself with antivenom. But, if you want to continue hunting or need prey, do not move but just keep talking to the hunting area. You will not be hurt by poison because it only hurts you every few steps. If you are poisoned before Brokenstar is defeated and you cannot buy Anitvenom, or you have no Antivenom at hand, you should quickly go back to camp, healing yourself with prey along the way so you don't lose all of your health. Once you're back at camp, immediately go to the medicine cat to be healed. It is advisable not to hunt at Snakerocks during the period in the Original Game when ThunderClan has no Medicine Cat, as you can not obtain antivenom except from fighting ShadowClan warriors.

Important EventsEdit

Original GameEdit

Brightpaw gets injured here and Swiftpaw dies at Snakerocks. Fireheart thinks of the plot to stop the dogs here.

New ProphecyEdit

You battle a level 12 Angry Badger here.