Sorreltail is a character in both the Original Game and New Prophecy games. She is Brackenfur's mate, and Rainwhisker and Sootfur's sister. She is not recruitable in either game.

Original GameEdit

In the Original Game, Sorrelkit is a kit of Willowpelt.

Darkstripe feeds her deathberries because she saw him talking to Blackfoot on ThunderClan Territory. However, you bring her back to camp and she is healed by Cinderpelt. She tells the other cats about Darkstripe, resulting in his banishment.

New Prophecy GameEdit

In the New Prophecy Game, Sorrelpaw is now an apprentice. When you first leave camp she tells you that she will have her warrior ceremony soon, and tells you to check on Ferncloud's new kits.

Later, she is renamed Sorreltail at her warrior ceremony and is mentioned in a Gathering.

She takes Brackenfur as her mate. In the Lake Territory, during the badgers' invasion, she starts to give birth. Cinderpelt dies protecting her, and she has four kits - one that she names Cinderkit in honour of Cinderpelt.


  • Sorreltail is based off of the character of the same name from the ‘Warriors’ book series.