Toxic Brews are unique items in the New Prophecy Game. They can be made only after completing the Training Grounds subquest.


When a Toxic Brew is used, it will remove 6000 HP from one party member, but it will double all of a cat's stats for five turns of a battle, making it a very useful, yet dangerous item. Its effects can only be used in battle.

How to MakeEdit

Once the player has a full team of medicine cats from the four different Clans at level 81+, along with at least one Deathberry from defeating the enemies at the Training Grounds and one Stardust and Starlight, talking to the gray rock in the Medicine Den will allow the player to create a Toxic Brew.

Note that if you have trained your medicine cats to level 81+ before the v1.08 update, you will not be able to make Toxic Brews. If you have this problem, send your file to Admin at