Wrath Scourge
Wrath Scourge
Battling Wrath Scourge


Scourge, Wrath Scourge




Black with white paw


BloodClan Leader




400,000 HP




Mega Heal, Sap Inventory, Status Blast, BloodClan Life Steal, Glacier Freeze, Claws of Destruction

Wrath Scourge is the boss of the subquest A Plot Against StarClan. Scourge uses the hatred in Ashfur, along with the Life and Death Crystals, to become Wrath Scourge.

New Prophecy GameEdit

Moves Edit

Items DroppedEdit

Wrath Scourge drops a Reward Gem, which grants 150,000 EXP to everyone in the party along with 1,000,000 A when it is used. He gives 0 EXP and 0 A immediately after being defeated.

Battle StrategiesEdit

For Wrath Scourge, you should not bring Golden Fish in the battle against him, because when he steals them with Sap Inventory, he will use them and regain a lot of his health.

The recommended team for this boss fight is Brambleclaw, Scourge, Tigerstar, and Firestar at at least level 75 each. Brambleclaw heals, Scourge heals with Catnip or defends, Tigerstar uses Tiger Kill, and Firestar uses Fiery Fury for the whole battle. Scourge could use Killing Bite, Death Blow, or Apocalyptic Strike to easily end the fight if the player wishes to do so. Giving Wrath Scourge a status condition will result in instant Game Over.

Note: though this is a recommended strategy it is not the only strategy that will work, nor necessarily the best